Fighting The Itch!

This is about my second pregnancy, I will soon update you with my first pregnancy! But this one is more (fresher on my mind)

Well I found out I was expecting again last year in August it was a shock but we was happy to be expecting again. So I went to my G.P and got referred to the midwives.

Well I had my 12 week scan and all was well!

12 week

We was over the moon that we was expecting another baby and everything was going well. After our twelve week scan we just couldn’t wait for our twenty week scan. We wanted to find out the sex of the baby and to be able to tell Lily that she is expecting a brother or sister. Everyone thought this time we would be expecting a boy, so when my hands started itching around eighteen weeks, I would joke to my OH that I think I am allergic to boys.

The itching started becoming more intense and disturbed my sleep at night.  So I decided to book an appointment with my G.P, she gave me some Antihistamines and said if these don’t help within a week to come back and have some bloods taken. A week passed and now my hands, arms and feet was itching! Especially at night!!

I felt so confused as to why I was itching so much, luckily I had an appointment with the consultant due to my birth with Lily.
I told him how I couldn’t sleep at night due to itching so much, he prescribed me some more Antihistamines and sent me for some blood tests and assured me everything should be fine.

Well I had my 20 week scan during the week of waiting for my results, baby was growing fine and we found out we was expecting… A GIRL!! Lily was going to have a sister, we were so happy!

20 weeks

At 22 weeks I had another consultant appointment to review my blood results, they also tested my bile salts. The consultant told me that my Bile salts were very high and I had a pregnancy condition called Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. This means that my Liver wasn’t working as it should, the affects on the mother is mainly the itch, I also got loss of appetite and was very tired due to the lack of sleep the itching was causing.

The worse part of it was being told that the condition could cause stillbirth, but luckily with monitoring and early delivery the risk of this is the same as a normal pregnancy. The consultant prescribed me tablets which they use to try and lower your bile acids. I had weekly blood tests and weekly CGT tests from 24 weeks and also a liver scan.

I will never forget the itching! When people used to tell me ” try not to think about it.” It made me very angry and upset!  I felt like no one understood what i was going though, this made my pregnancy very hard and looking after a toddler very difficult! up until this day I still don’t know what I would of done without the help of my OH.

I started looking for support groups and i found a lovely group on Facebook called ICP Support, it made me stronger to know that other ladies was going though the same as me!  We shared tips on how to relieve the itch, I used a hairbrush. The burn from scratching was so much better than the itch itself. I also made my room freezing cold! it was winter time but i made sure i had no heating on, no covers and a fan blowing right on me!

I had a few scares in this pregnancy for example one night I woke up to go to the toilet and noticed I was bleeding so I went to my local hospital where I had to stay over night, I was given two steroid  jabs, a scan and monitoring over night, luckily it turned out to be nothing serious and i was sent home.

laila<<< Look how clear it is! My little lady was doing just fine.

my bile acids were not behaving themselves so the consultants were talking about delivering at  34 weeks if the new higher dose of medication does not work. In my case the higher dose was working which let me cook her in until 37 weeks. I had my planned C-section on the 29th of March 2013, Laila was born weighing 7lb 6oz and didn’t need any help breathing, my little itch was finally in my arms safe and sound.

bday                      bbday

Laila born

Even now when I think back I feel all itchy but this itch does not come close to the one I had in pregnancy, it literally felt like i had ants crawling under my skin!

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