Lily’s Birthday List

With Lily’s 4th birthday creeping up on us very fast, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to share her birthday list with you. Lily is very hard to buy for as her birthday is so close to Christmas and not many toys catch her attention.

Lite Sprites.
Lite sprites
This Lite Sprites tree of lite, lights up and is interactive with the wand also you can hang the fairies up on the tree and watch them light up when you wave the wand. The light up interaction with the wand would be perfect for Lily as she loves magical things. (Frozen of course!)

Styling head.
Lily loves playing with my hair and is really getting interested in my make up too so I thought this would be a perfect gift for her, it was even on her wishlist what she done at nursery for Christmas.

Peppa Pigs Golden Wellies.

She saw these in M&S and couldn’t believe her eyes! So I knew these would make a perfect birthday present for her.
It was a struggle to find her size but I am very excited to see her open these up but not looking forward to trying to take them off!


On her birthday we always like to try and go out. This year we are going to take her to build a bear as she loves teddy’s just like me when I was younger.

Then off to a nice in door soft play area as her birthday is to cold to be outside! I am really excited for her birthday and to see her face light up! There will be plenty of photos taken and a blog post about her 4th birthday soon after also!!


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