Let me introduce ourselves



There I am in that photo above in case you was wondering what i looked like. So i might as well tell you a little bit about myself, my name is Samantha and I am 22 years old, I have a wonderful other half and two very beautiful daughters. I have always loved the thought of blogging but i always thought to myself I would never have the time to do it, then I saw a quote on instagram it was ” If your always thinking about it, do it.” so I thought well I need to make time for the things I cannot stop thinking about. As you may have seen on my very first post I wrote back in July, I am very ashamed that I didn’t keep it up from then but being busy and tired took a hold of me but not this time!

So I might as well show off and tell you about my beautiful daughters, first of all here’s Lily


She is the most stubborn, cheekiest but smartest,  three year old you will meet, she is very hard to photograph as she is always on the run! She was born on the 12th of December and from that day I realized being a mother is the best thing ever!

Now here’s Laila with me.


This little munchkin has the worlds biggest personalty ever! She is 20 months old and a diva! she was born on the 29th of March I never knew I could love another child as much as I did with Lily but she proved me wrong!

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