When to worry?

My oldest Lily for about a year now as been giving me and my other half a hard time, she just will not eat her meals or sometimes not even snacks and treats! I have decided enough is enough as she is getting worse and its effecting her weight!

I took her G.P and even the G.P agreed because 6 months ago she weighed 13kg and at this visit she weighed 13kg fully dressed, so now I am waiting for an appointment with the paediatrician. I do think there is an actual problem and not just a faze, its really starting to affect her moods and she is ever so tearful.

Hopefully they can help us with this situation as I have tried everything I could at home, so now I think I need to take it into medical hands as her waist line is shrinking.

Have you been though anything like this? What helped your little ones I would love your advice. IMG_6150


4 thoughts on “When to worry?

  1. Mine have gone through stages of not eating but will make up for it a few weeks later but never enough to affect their weight. I hope you get answers you need!!

    • Thank you, I find with Lily she will only eat one meal then for a few days she will just pick at stuff.. Hopefully I will get some answers as I feel this isn’t something she will just grow out of as its been going on for a while now, I hope it doesn’t rub off on her little sister

      • At least she is picking at things, I know its not what you want but until you get answers at least you know she is having something. Have you tried her with vitamins and things? To make sure that she is getting those even when she isn’t eating. Mine have chewy ones – only tescos own brand – after tea and it has really helped them.

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