Laila has a obsession..

Right.. I can now honestly say my 22 month old has an obsession and that obsession is YouTube… yes that’s right YouTube!!
First it was watching Peppa Pig and Micky Mouse Clubhouse but now its grown to an even longer list to other things like, classic mickey mouse (this one I don’t mind as much) but I find them sometime a bit violent I can see why they have stopped showing them on TV so I tend to skip through those bits for her, she actually laughs so much at these cartoons!                                                          IMG_7190

Then.. This is when I found it rather weird she watches egg surprise opening videos, she literately came across these on her own. She can sit down watching a whole video for around 20 minutes each! If you’re wondering what the egg surprise opening videos are they are people opening Kinder eggs, cartoon surprise eggs and play-doh eggs and then showing which surprise they got.. I find it rather strange but she really does enjoy ’em.

This morning I was thinking I wonder if she would like to do her own videos of opening some Kinder eggs so after dropping off Lily to nursery we went to the shop to buy some for her and I must say it was a hit! She loved it. I have uploaded the video to YouTube and I have shared the link just in case you would like to have a watch

I am hoping to do more of these kind of things with Laila as she really did seem to enjoy doing the video and even watching herself afterwards, I would love to hear your opinions and if your little ones have any strange obsessions.

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