Moving Laila to her big girls bed is harder than I thought..

Ever since Laila was born we have co slept, even in the hospital the midwives showed me how to co sleep with her safely. Though it wasn’t what I was expecting to do, she constantly wanted feeding so this was the only way I could manage any sleep even though I still struggled it was more than if I didn’t co-sleep.
sleeping sleeping2

Well I thought when I stopped breast feeding her at 19 months she would make a smooth transition to her big girls bed, well I was wrong. One thing I haven’t tried is laying her in her bed while she is already asleep but I am worried she would completely freak out and it may make the transition harder. While She loves to pretend she is sleeping when laying in her bed she has non of it when I try to lay with her at bed time, but as soon as I lay with her in my bed she is sound asleep within seconds. I am hoping she will be in her own bed at the age of 2 as my poor other half has resulted to topping and tailing with us after sleeping on the sofa for 1 and a half years, ouch! Do you still Co-sleep or was you able to make this transition and if so how did you manage it?

Lailas room


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