So we’ve seen the paediatrician

Yesterday we took our long journey to hospital for Lily’s appointment. We have to travel an hour away for our nearest hospital as the only thing we have local to us is a minor injury’s unit. I didn’t mind this journey to much as Lily loves travelling on trains and buses and luckily for her we had to travel on both. We had a lovely time on the train Lily was looking out the window showing me all the things she could see and asking lots of questions especially when she saw the lakes frozen over.

Hopsital 1

We arrived at the hospital an hour early, I did expect this as at our train station the trains only come once an hour, so its either an hour early or an hour late, I think Lily liked being an hour early though as she could play for longer in the waiting room, as soon as we arrived at the children’s outpatients she knew exactly what she wanted to play with as she ran straight over to the kitchen to start making me some yummy soup and gravy.. Yum! (a totally normal combination) after a little while we got called in by the nurse to weigh and measure her, Lily was a bit unsure about sitting on the big blue chair to get weighed but she agreed to sit there in the end. Lily weighed 12.76 kg and measured 96 cm, then we had to go back again to wait for the paediatrician.

Back in the waiting room Lily was drawing me pictures for me to colour in, she soon got bored of that and started making me more soup! After waiting for a while we finally got called in by the paediatrician, after explaining to her my concerns about Lily’s eating and weight gain and also suspecting she may have IBD like myself because on occasions she has blood and mucus in her stools (sorry, TMI) she showed me that 1 and an half years ago she weighed 11.01 kg and said she hasn’t lost any weight which I didn’t really see her point as to gain only that much weight in 1 and an half years surely that isn’t a good sign. In the end she referred us to a dietician and gave me the dreaded blood test forms along with urine and stool sample pots.

Back in the waiting room (AGAIN!) waiting for Lily to be called in for her blood tests was rather nerve racking for me. This time Lily wanted to play a cooking app on my phone making some virtual cookies for us so I let her play it so she couldn’t see that I was a little worried as I didn’t want to make her worried or upset either and of course this wait seemed to be the longest out of all of them! But she finally got called in and was asked to sit on my lap with a frozen book they gave her, the nurse showed Lily her freeze spray and sprayed it on her hand to show her what it feels like, Lily wasn’t impressed one bit! Then they took one arm and put it under my arm and around my back so she couldn’t see, I was trying to distract her but she didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t see what was going on as the nurse sprayed her arm with freeze spray again which made her a little curious and then they stuck the needle in, it broke my heart seeing her scream and cry the way she did. They was very quick and patient with her which was fantastic! She got to pick her sticker out which was a Jake and the never-land pirate’s one.

Now it was time for the journey home. and I for one was starving! I asked Lily if she was hungry she replied with “just a little bit.” (Note to self next time is to bring a packed lunch!) After getting off the bus we walked to the train station, Lily saw a shop on the platform and asked for a milkshake, so we quickly popped in there and got her a little milkshake with some squirty cream on top too and a few other bits for our train journey home, Lily was so well behaved yesterday and it’s little things like this that makes me so proud of her! I couldn’t believe how quickly she drank the milkshake too! Hopefully our next appointment isn’t to far away!

Hopsital 2 hopsital 3


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