Our Sundays

Sunday is a day we look forward to as it means a lovely roast dinner, family fun and treats! Today wasn’t bad of a start as we all woke up at 9 am which is pretty impressive for us! We came downstairs and had some breakfast then after that we got dressed for the day and started getting the roast prepared for dinner time, I took some photos while waiting for the oven to pre-heat


Today for some reason was slightly more stressful though. Lily and Laila had one of those days where they didn’t want to get along with each other. There was a lot of tears today so I am glad I took there photos when I did. This made me start dreading dinner time with Lily as I knew what mood she was in today. After tidying up Lily and Laila’s room the chicken was ready to take out of the oven and dinner was ready to be dished up here are some yummy photos of our dinner 🙂
IMG_7244 IMG_7245

At first things looked good with Lily, when I told her it is dinner time she shouted “Oh goodie!” She then ate her carrots which she loves and also the stuffing. Then she started making excuses how she needed the toilet and dropping things on the floor repeatedly, this disheartens me every time, well guess what 3 and an half hours later she ate most of it. We didn’t have her sitting at the table for that long though as she was on and off, and in this time she just kept asking for privileges which she didn’t eat enough of her dinner yet to have earned them so she kept saying she would eat it.. again and again.

We sat in the living room and played with some toys for a while and watched some cartoons on the T.V. until it was time for dessert, and for that we had some cherry sponge cakes with custard, I have never had these before but they were really nice!

IMG_7248 IMG_7250                                       As Lily finally ate a good amount of her dinner she was allowed to have some.. sadly she only had two spoonfuls and did not want any more. I am really worried about her as the whole eating situation seems to be effecting her moods and as you can imagine effects the rest of us too.

IMG_7253 IMG_7247

After dessert, I done some general housework while the kids played with daddy, I came to join them shortly after. Bedtime for the Lily and Laila is 7pm but Laila dose not quite follow this everyday. I am hoping Lily’s mood is better tomorrow, as she went to bed crying because she did not want to go to nursery in the morning, she has never done this before so I am really concerned. Now me and Bradley are going to watch a movie (Fault In Our Stars) before we go to bed.


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