This years wish list.

I know, I know… I may be writing this a bit late, But its not February yet so I thought I’d sneak it in, well this year I want to cross off everything on this list maybe not in order that may be a bit hard! So here we go πŸ™‚

1. Go on our first family holiday.
I would love to experience this as a family, as a kid we use to go on holiday once a year and I loved it! I would love to do the same with my kids, I would love to take them to Disney Land for their first holiday!!

disney land

2. To have our 3rd child
I want to complete our family and have our final child while the age gaps aren’t too big, this will be exciting but strange as we have not tried to have kids before.. Hopefully this will be crossed off soon.


3. To get to the bottom of Lily’s behaviour.
With her not eating its a very big stress, she’s very tearful and I have started noticing signs of possible A.D.H.D but for now I am more concerned about the eating.


4. To get the kids into a hobby
Lily has asked if she can learn ballet and our local dance place does classes for Lily’s and Laila’s age, Laila loves dancing so I think this will do them good!
5. Save money
This must be on everyone’s list right? At the moment I am shopping at different supermarkets to find out which one I save the most at. Nappies and baby wipes I go to Aldis as they have never let me down and I find these much better than expensive brands.

6. Learn to drive
Where I live to get to places more exciting its a lot easier if you drive, I started my lessons when I was 16 and passed my theory but it started snowing and I was scared of driving in the snow so I took a break but for some reason never took it up again.

I have gave myself 6 things I want to do this year I know it might not look much but I don’t want to give myself to much at once and hopefully I can tick them all off by 2016, I would love to know your list if you have one πŸ™‚


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