This morning my heart stopped…

So today started like any other nursery morning. The alarm went off at 7 am.. It didn’t feel like 7 am I just wanted to roll over and go back to sleep, but sadly I forced myself to roll out of bed and started getting ready to take Lily nursery, after I finished getting ready it was time wake LiIy up. Lily brushes her teeth while I pick out her clothes for the day then I give her a wash and get her dressed after this we head down stairs to have breakfast.

But this is when my heart stopped and I ran into my bedroom to tell Bradley, our front door was wide open! I was shaking! Is someone still in our house? What has been taken? How long has it been open for? Why didn’t we wake up? These was all the thoughts going though my head.. I took a deep breath and started to head down stairs I was so scared and hoping no one was still there, what was gone? I shut then front door and walked towards to living room.. I peaked around the door and I was instantly confused! Everything was fine! Nothing was taken, I walked to my kitchen and again nothing was touched! I was so happy!! I have never felt so lucky and I am truly thankful!!

I am still confused how my door was open, I am getting Bradley to set up our camera, it runs though WIFI so we can always watch it..  I wish we had set it up so we could of seen what happened with our door, but I guess that’s going to remain a mystery. Today has opened my eyes to how quickly things can change and I am truly thankful with everything I have got.

IMG_1111Especially these people!!


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