Things have been a little stressful..

Sorry for the absence this week.. Things have been a bit hectic.

We have had such a nightmare, we had Lily’s dietician appointment which was useless! I travelled 20 miles by train and bus to wait 2 hours to be seen by the dietician to just feel like I was being judged, she looked at me like I didn’t know anything and She told me all the things I already know and I couldn’t get a word in! GRR! I am worried about Lily and people make it seem like I shouldn’t be. Even though she hasn’t lost weight, she is remaining the same weight at 12.7kg. Which to me is very worrying, but don’t get me wrong I am happy that she isn’t dropping any weight but at the moment I would love to see progress because this is something which effects our house hold daily.

Secondly Laila got the most horrid stomach bug! It lasted for 3 days and she still isn’t 100 percent recovered. We took a trip to the GP as I’ve personally never known a stomach bug to last longer than 24 hours, we have sent off a stool sample to rule out what bug she has so hopefully we shall get the results soon.

What has confused me lately as well is that I have been waking up with really bad headaches this past week, I really hope these don’t stick around much longer as I do not fancy another doctors visit at the moment, I really cannot put my finger on what is the matter with me, normally I can cope with this sort of load but I feel so tired… It’s only these past few days I have dragged myself up and thought you know what I need to get this house work done and stop letting this tiredness get the better of me. I really wish I could of made this half term fun for the kids but unfortunately I’ll have to wait for the next holidays now as Lily returns to nursery tomorrow..


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