Finding the right balance..

Over the past few weeks I have started noticing some changes with Lily.. One of them being good and the other bad! Lets start with the bad.. Just because I like happy endings and I would like this post to end happy

When becoming a parent I never thought I would face these problems.. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but no one, I mean no one prepared me for this! My four year old daughter has turned into a teenager! Her attitude stinks! All of mine and Bradley’s rules have grew wings and took a journey far, far away. During half term I had the most embarrassing outing experience, I am still cringing thinking about it now. Me and Bradley decided to go out with the kids just to have a look around town and grab a few things. Well while we was out Lily deicide she did not want to hold my hand, we was getting close to a crossing so I kept telling her that she needs to other wise she will have to give me her teddy.. Well her being the stubborn “teenager” she is, she decided to test what I said so I took her teddy and grabbed her hand, then all of a sudden I heard her scream “YOUR EVIL!” then cry out loud so everyone turned around and looked at us while she was screaming and crying as loud as she could. I have never felt so embarrassed to be honest.

Sadly this isn’t the only incident we have had but lucky enough these moments weren’t outside, that’s a plus right? Me and Bradley feel as if we have lost control. Our little girl has gone from a polite princess into a rude madam, for example Lily wanted a drink so she asked Bradley if she could have one. Bradley asked if she could ask again and say please this time in which she replied “No daddy you cannot tell me, only mummy can tell me!” I couldn’t believe my ears! Complete and utter shock took over both of us, but not as shocking as the next one. This one really got to me, Lily and Laila was watching cartoons and on normal days Lily would let Laila lay her head on her leg but this time Lily got really angry, shouted “Get off of me” and kicked Laila off of the sofa with both feet so she landed on her back, hit her head and cried of course but thankfully she wasn’t seriously hurt, one thing I would say Lily knew she did wrong as she got up and attempted run away because she knew she was going straight on the naughty step.

But hey, enough with the negatives as I could go on for a while. But the good side is she is actually eating more!! I haven’t weighed her as of yet but she is eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! This is a huge relief off of mine and Bradley’s shoulders and hopefully we will start seeing her gain some weight, I don’t know if its in my head but when I pick her up she feels heavier but we will soon see, She still likes eating the same things all the time like pancakes for breakfast, scrambled egg for lunch.. Dinner time she don’t get to choose but she is eating them and telling me she really likes them and for snacks she has been having fruit, yoghurt and the odd sweets here and there, but I am truly happy with her eating but trying to find the right balance with her attitude as I am finding it hard to reward her eating but not her attitude.


Don’t worry she didn’t manage to eat all that chocolate, she still has a lot left as she only ate his ear off .. She can be such a wonderful little girl but these hurdles do make parenting that little more stressful.

Samantha x


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