Another milestone!

Time really does fly by especially when you become a mum, you notice this even more when your children hit them extra special milestones!

I never thought Laila would be hitting this milestone so early! So when she started showing signs I was in complete shock and more than happy to assist her. So you can guess I was even more happy when she actually done her first poop and wee on the potty!! I was slightly more shocked as I had a lot of trouble with getting Lily to poop on the potty.. But Laila definitely took it with ease apart from wearing knickers! But I am very proud of her!

proud mama

Even though I am slightly becoming emotional that my baby isn’t that much of a baby any more she is growing up ever so quickly and becoming such a smart happy child just like her sister. I am still truly shocked that this milestone has been hit before the age of two but she was more than ready and I am truly proud!

getting big!


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