A little letter to Lily…


Lily today you have really blown me away, even though you can be a right handful at times.

It all started this morning while walking to nursery, for some strange reason you was very interested with the fact you was in my tummy. You was asking all sorts of questions, but you found it very funny when I told you that you kicked me all the time and even more funny when I told you that you pooped in me (At the time a very worrying moment for mummy)

After all that explaining you then came up with the conclusion that I must get a baby inside my belly and that I have to give you and Laila six brothers!! SIX!! A very funny moment for me and even more funny when you asked if you could help me put a baby in my tummy… I just had to laugh that one off as I don’t think you are quite ready for that information as of yet.

After picking you up from nursery, you was so happy to tell me about your day and how it was your friends birthday today, you told me that you got to watch her blow out her candles while singing her happy birthday.. You was so happy you got to do this, it was so sweet! I also noticed that some of the other children made a card for mothers day, so I asked you if you have made a card.. Your reaction was so funny! You said “oh no sorry about that mummy, I can do one another day.”  Of course you can Lily!

This one really blew me away! We have just mastered counting to twenty but today you started counting to thirty with hardly any help! Now to me that is amazing!! You are well and truly a super star and you are most definitely going to be a clever one 🙂

This is where it gets a little emotional for me.. You really did touch my heart! Here is how the conversation went;

You: Mummy, you are my little princess and so is Laila

Me: Aww Thats very kind of you Lily, you are my little princess as well

You: And daddy is our handsome prince!

That was so heart touching! I really am going to remember that moment forever!

One thing I must say to you is.. You are very impatient about growing up, you are actually getting upset with how long it is taking.. Well to mummy it is going by way to quickly!

Love you lots little princess x


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